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The .TIM file format is the standard file format for images on Playstation. It is also used by many PC ports of Playstation games, like Resident Evil, Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3, or Wipeout.


The values are stored in Little-Endian order.


A TIM file contains one uncompressed bitmap. It starts with this header:

typedef struct {
	unsigned long	magic;	/* Constant = 0x10 */
	unsigned long	type;
	unsigned long	offset; /* allways Size of Clut data + 12 */
	unsigned short	Palette Org X;
	unsigned short	Palette Org Y;
	unsigned short	palette_colors;
	unsigned short	nb_palettes;
} tim_header_t;

'type' can be: '0x08' for 4 bits paletted images, '0x09' for 8 bits paletted images, and '0x02' for 16 bits true-colour images. 'offset' is an offset to start of image data. 'nb_palettes' is the number of palettes stored in the file, each palette having 'palette_colors' colors.


In the case of paletted images, palettes are following the header in the file. Each color is coded in a 16-bits RGB value, which format is A1B5G5R5. There are 'palette_colors'*'nb_palettes' values stored.

Image header

After the optionnal palettes, come the image header. The width is in 16bit words, it means the real width in pixel is width*4 for 4-bits paletted images, width*2 for 8-bits paletted images and width for 16-bits paletted images.

typedef struct {
	unsigned short	width;	/* Width of image in 16-bits words */
	unsigned short	height; /* Height of image in pixels */
} tim_size_t;

Image data

4 bits images

Each pixel is stored in 4 bits (so 2 pixels per byte), bits 7-4 for first pixel, and bits 3-0 for second pixel. The value is an index in a palette stored in the beginning of the file.

8 bits images

Each pixel is stored in a byte, which is an index in a palette stored in the beginning of the file.

16 bits images

Each pixel is in A1B5G5R5 format.

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