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These files, named lewton*.rbh, seem to contain 3D model data for Discworld Noir.


general file format

The files are in an .IFF-like format, but with a PIFF instead of a FORM header. Differently from usual .IFF files the byte order is little endian for chunk sizes.

The chunks and sizes for an example file (a small one) are as follows, no other chunk types or sub-chunks are found until now.

[PIFF] (RBHF) - 45552 bytes
  [RBHH] - 60 bytes
  [BODY] - 0 bytes
  [BODY] - 104 bytes
  [BODY] - 22500 bytes
  [BODY] - 104 bytes
  [BODY] - 22500 bytes
  [RELC] - 108 bytes
  [RELC] - 108 bytes

chunk types


  • size is 12 * number of BODY chunks
  • the 12 bytes for each body chunk:
uint32 unknown1; /* always 0 */
uint32 size; /* size of BODY chunk */
uint32 unknown2; /* 2 for 0-sized BODY chunks, 0 else */



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