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Tinsel engine

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This is the engine used for Discworld 1 and Discworld 2. Discworld Noir uses a similar file structure, not sure if it is Tinsel, too.

File Formats

file(s) description DW1 DW2 DWN
.SCN, .GRA scene container x x x
INDEX scene index x x x
.TXT text container x x x
.SMP speech sample container x x x
.IDX speech sample index x x x
MIDI.DAT midi container x
.MUS music container x x
.BMV movie container (probably) x x
.CDP cutscene data container (probably) x
GDATA unknown data file x x
HOPPER unknown data file x x
.RBH probably 3D models x
.VMC texture data (probably) x
.H, .GBL C header files (mostly preprocessor defines) x


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